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LCIBS Beginnings

Our origins date back to London in 1870, when the city was the most significant financial and economically prosperous capital in all of Europe. At the time, London’s global trade and business infrastructure were developing exponentially, bringing with them the need for a highly-specialised workforce of advanced business minds to strengthen and support the rapid economic growth.

Through his entrepreneurial vision, Sir Isaac Pitman, the Victorian educator and inventor of the most widely used form of shorthand in the world; the Pitman Shorthand, founded Pitman Central College (PCC). This academic institution, located on the world-famous Chancery Lane in Holborn, would bridge the skills gap and provide workers with the abilities to meet the demands of the emerging global economy.

In 1990, after 120 years of success, Pitman Central College was acquired by CRT plc. This new enterprise elevated the college status and cast our student network wider by incorporating office training skills programmes into the existing PCC course offering through a series of Pitman Training Centres.

As the years progressed, CRT developed the business training college into a globally respected institution of excellence that is proudly known today as the London College of International Business Studies.

isaac pitman

Sir Isaac Pitman. Reproduced by kind permission of The Pitman Collection, University of Bath.

As we advance with new ambitions for the future, LCIBS continues to maintain the vision that it was founded on, while reaching for new levels of excellence in business education.


Today, over 140 years from our beginnings, LCIBS is developing innovative courses for a global way of teaching. Due to our ever-increasing student demand, the college is now located on larger premises in Canada Water, in the former dock offices of the Surrey Commercial Dock Manager’s Company.

Our Transnational Education approach enables students to:

  • Become education-tourists within the international marketplace.
  • Travel and shift freely between any LCIBS campus around the world without having to reapply, change course or halt studies.
  • Experience new cultures and first-hand understandings of the varied Transnational Education business perspectives, ideologies, relations and economic diversities.

With an ‘explore to expand’ education philosophy LCIBS is also a pioneer in the area of Transnational Education.

With campuses in London, UK, Cape Town, South Africa and others coming soon, and aided by the impressive technological advancements of today, our students and faculty are able to connect across campuses, and across continents.