Studying with us

The London College of International Business Studies strives to provide an increasingly stimulating, inclusive and multicultural learning environment in which students aspire to be global citizens capable of contributing effectively and responsibly to society.

We aim to prepare our students for the constantly evolving world of business, while gaining skills and expertise that will support them throughout their career.

How we teach

We’re committed to excellence in teaching methods and providing the very best learning environments and materials for our students.

We employ a wide variety of teaching techniques, from traditional classroom-based work, lectures and seminars to e-learning. The ‘blended’ teaching approach takes conventional face-to-face lectures and merges it with the power of technology, giving a truly 21st century learning experience.

Active learning

We promote student participation and interaction in class as they have been shown to have a positive effect on learning; this is called ‘active learning’.

In an active class we expect students to ask questions, challenge and interact with lecturers and fellow students, discuss ideas with a partner and explore ideas together, work in groups to develop teamwork and problem-solving skills and actively engage with course materials before, during and after the class.

We are committed to creating an inclusive learning environment in which students feel valued and supported, both as individuals and as part of a wider academic community. We greatly respect our diverse student body, and take active measures to improve the success of specific groups to ensure everyone has the appropriate support and guidance they need through their educational journey.

Academic support

We are committed to helping our students develop the academic skills that they need to succeed on their course. The support we offer at LCIBS includes face-to-face tutorials on academic writing, workshops and events, searchable online learning materials covering a wide range of topics, such as how to approach learning, improving research, writing and study practices and working collaboratively.