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Terms and Conditions

In considering individual applicants for admission to a programme, the college will seek evidence of personal, professional and educational experiences that provide indications of ability to meet the demands of the programme. The college adheres to the principle of equality of opportunity for applicants of equal potential.

How to Apply

Before we consider your application we need to receive copies of your valid passport (photo pages and permissions) UK Visa (If applicable), copies of your previous educational certificates, a statement of why you wish to join the programme you are applying for. CV and evidence of your English ability (ILETS or equivalent)

You can email requested scanned documents to admissions@lcibs.co.uk (we will require to see originals during enrolment should you be offered a place)

Deadline for applying

There is no formal deadline for applications. However, once a programme with a particular start date is full, no further applications for that programme will be considered. However, subsequent start dates will be available and our admissions team will be able to advise you. To be sure of a place, you should therefore submit your application to us as far in advance of the programme start date as possible.

Application Decisions

Please see the Requirement, Selection and Admissions Policy Page.

Policy Page

After applying

When we receive your application form, we will review it and seek to respond within five working days (Monday – Friday). When we contact you we may require further information and/or to arrange an interview (face-to-face or via Skype).

Deposit to reserve your place

UK and other students who do not need a visa will need to pay 25% of the total programme fee

Students that require a visa to study must pay 50% of the total programme fee.

In addition to programme fees, non-EU students must pay a non-refundable Enrolment Fee. (This ranges from £250 to £450) *Subject to change.

Students enrolling one calendar month or less before the programme start date:
If allowed to enrol on a programme one calendar month or less before the programme start date, you will need to pay the full programme fees in order to reserve your place, unless you make special arrangements with the college.

All offers are made subject to availability. To hold your place we need to receive your completed application form and support documentation and deposit. We will confirm in writing that a place on the programme has been reserved for you and that we have received the required payment.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. In the unlikely event that we cancel your programme, we shall refund any programme fees you have paid in full.
  2. If you cancel your programme one calendar month or more before your programme start date, and you have paid a deposit, we will retain your deposit as your seat for the programme has been reserved.
  3. If you cancel your programme less than one calendar month before your programme start date, or if you cancel your programme on or after your programme start date, we will retain all programme fees you have paid.
  4. If you are not able to start your programme because your visa application is refused, we will refund programme fees minus administrative costs.To obtain a refund in this way, you must ensure that we receive written evidence of your visa refusal before your programme start date. If we do not receive written evidence of your visa refusal, we will not refund your fees. If we receive written evidence of your visa refusal less than one month prior to the programme start date, we will
    refund your programme fees at our discretion.
  5. If your visa application is refused wholly or partly because you were found to have used forged or falsified documents as part of your visa application, you will receive no refund.

Unless written authorisation is provided all refunds will be made to the person or organisation that paid the fees. We will attempt to make all refunds within 30 days.


The college will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver modules/programmes in accordance with the descriptions outlined in the prospectus, the website and general marketing materials. However the college reserves the right to make variations to the contents and methods of delivery, to discontinue modules/programmes, merge or combine modules/programmes, scheduling, classroom hours and to vary fees if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary by the college within the context of its wider purposes. Should industrial action or circumstances beyond the control of the college interfere with its ability to provide educational services, the college undertakes to use all reasonable steps to minimise resultant disruption to those services.

College Rules and Regulations

To ensure the smooth running of the college, you will be expected to abide by all the college’s rules and regulations while you are our student. Full details of all college rules and regulations will be provided to you when you begin your programme. In accepting our offer of a place on a programme, you are agreeing to abide by all our rules and regulations. We reserve the right to curtail, without refund, the tuition of any student who is in serious or repeated breach of college rules and regulations. We also reserve the right to curtail, without refund, the tuition of any student who does not attend 80% of classes or punctually and may be in breach of UKVI regulations

Data Protection

Applicants with a Medical Condition or Disability

Applicants with a medical condition or disability which may affect their studies are kindly asked to indicate this on the application form. A medical condition or disability does not preclude consideration for a place on a programme at the college, though wheelchair users should note that the layout of the college building unfortunately does not allow wheelchair access to most parts of the college, and that adjustments to enable wheelchair access are regrettably not feasible due to the structure of the building. More information on this can be obtained from the college if required.


LCIBS cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your personal property while you are attending your course. Oversea students that require a visa should have appropriate accidental and medical insurance and provide proof at enrolment. Please contact the admissions office if you would like details of a suitable insurance policy.

Appeal / Complaints

If you wish to appeal against an admission decision or make a formal complaint please contact your Admissions Officer who will supply you with the necessary document.