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The LCIBS Experience

Introducing the LCIBS Experience

Progressive education for future global business icons; this is the premise of the LCIBS experience.

As a yardstick of academic excellence, we deliver innovative study programmes that add to the professional appeal of emerging industry leaders. This is accomplished through the fusion of up–to-date theoretical learning, real life case studies, field trips and the cultural interchange of transnational education.

Our courses combine a wealth of academic content with candidate experience. The result is a level of expertise that becomes apparent when our graduates enter the global workplace. The LCIBS experience is the delivery of superb education in culturally unique environments that ensures candidates make their mark on the international landscape.

Our approach: The block system

Our courses work within a block system whereby courses have monthly start dates and run throughout the year. This teaching methodology allows candidates to commence their studies at any time, without delaying their academic growth. Since our courses are not restricted to a particular semester timetable, individuals with demanding schedules can also make further education an achievable professional goal.

Our courses are also delivered via a ‘blended’ methodology. By merging conventional face-to-face lectures with the power of technology, we are able to offer students a truly 21st century learning experience. Our academic schedule differs from the traditional method in that modules are taught one at a time. Students are therefore able to focus and fully grasp each subject before moving on to the next, and with ‘blended’ assistance, are able to maintain cross-continental communication with fellow students and lecturers throughout their studies.

Global Participation

With a range of students, partners and alumni from around the world, LCIBS possesses an impressive network of global participants. This multinational framework promotes intercontinental networking and provides insight into diverse business ideologies and practices. Our cross-continental education further exposes candidates to a new experience with first-hand understanding of different international business relations.


Our unique method of teaching allows us to create a special academic community of lectures, with real world experience and professional insight.  We also bring in guest lectures and speakers from world renowned businesses to inspire and motivate our student body.

Transnational Education

With an explore-to-expand educational philosophy, LCIBS embraces the concept of Transnational Education. This Transnational Education approach incorporates the notion of a ‘global classroom’, affording students the opportunity to become tourists within the learning environment. Aided by the impressive technological advancements of today, our students and faculties are able to connect across our campuses, and across continents. Students are exposed to new cultural experiences and first-hand understanding of Transnational Education business perspectives, ideologies, relations and economic diversities. In addition to intercontinental communications between students and faculties, LCIBS students are freely able to travel and shift between LCIBS campuses around the world without having to reapply, change course or halt studies.

Transnational Education exposes candidates to new cultures and experiences that expand their worldview, feed their creativity, and awaken a sense of adventure through the exploration of diverse traditions, history, architecture, food and lifestyles. LCIBS Transnational Education is essentially a merger of academic advancement and travel satisfaction in culturally rich cities on the cutting edge of modern development.